Warwickshire County Bowls Association
Founded 22nd January 1922

Rules and Constitution


  1. TITLE
    The Association shall be called "The Warwickshire County Bowls Association."
    1. The objects of the Association shall be to adopt and enforce the laws of the game as prescribed for the time being by World Bowls and Bowls England.
    2. To promote, safeguard and foster the level green game of bowls in Warwickshire.
    3. To hold annually Inter-Club Competitions and other competitions and championships as shall be determined by the members.
    4. To hold County Championships in single-handed, pairs, triples and fours competitions.
    5. To hold Inter-County representative matches and president's matches.
    6. To interpret when called upon by the affiliated Clubs or members thereof difficult and doubtful questions of the law and practice and arbitrate in all differences referred to the Association between and among affiliated Clubs.
    1. Membership of the Association shall be open to all Clubs in the County that play the level green game provided such clubs have greens which have their longer side not more than 40 metres and not less than 30 metres, their shorter side not less than 20 metres (that is wide enough for three rinks) and having banks and ditches.
    2. Clubs playing on greens connected with licensed premises must be managed by an executive committee and must have exclusive use of the funds of the club and greens on which they play.
    3. Clubs playing on Municipal or other public greens must possess a permit from the Municipal or other authority allowing them the use of the green for competitive purposes. No club playing or intending to play on a Municipal or Public Green upon which an affiliated Club is playing shall become affiliated to the County Association until the Club using the said green has been consulted by the County Association and in the opinion of the said Association has offered no bone fide objections to its affiliation.
    4. Every application for affiliation shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary of the Association and shall be accompanied by:
      1. Name and Address of Club.
      2. Name and Address of Secretary and names of other officers.
      3. A copy of the Rules of the Club.
      4. The first annual subscription to the Association and first annual subscription to Bowls England.
    5. Every application for affiliation shall be considered and determined by the Executive Committee of the Association.
    6. HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP. The Council shall have the power to elect Honorary Life Members for special services rendered to the County Association. Such members being entitled to attend and speak at any properly convened General Meeting but shall not be entitled to vote by virtue of being an Honorary Life Member. Such Honorary Life Member shall be entitled to display an "HONORARY LIFE MEMBER" flash beneath his Blazer Badge on his left breast pocket.
    7. At the Annual General Meeting each year the retiring President shall automatically be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Association.
    8. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP shall be open to Area Associations within the County provided that:
      1. The Area Association consists only of Clubs affiliated to the County Association.
      2. Application for Associate Membership shall be made in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (d) of this rule.
      3. The subscription for the Associate Membership shall be equal to the affiliation fee of one member of the Association.
      4. An Associate Member shall be entitled to attend an Annual or Special Meeting of the County Association and shall be entitled to speak on any matter but shall not be entitled to vote.
      5. An Associate Member shall not be entitled to nominate a candidate for election to any Office prescribed under Rule 6 or for election to any Committee of the County Association.
    1. Annual Subscription - The annual subscription payable by Clubs in Membership of the Association shall be at a rate per male member and will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Annual Subscription to Bowls England - Affiliated Clubs shall pay the annual subscription prescribed by Bowls England from time to time.
    3. The Annual Subscription due under (a) and (b) shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer of the Association, (based on the male membership at the 31st March of that year) on or before the 30th April in each year. Any club in arrears after the 30th April shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears has been paid.
    4. Club Secretaries must forward to the Hon Secretary a list of names of bowling members as at 31st March each year, such list to be received no later than 30th April of that year.
    1. The affairs of the Association shall be administered by a Council consisting of President, Immediate Past President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice President, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Hon Assistant Secretary, Hon Match Secretary, Hon Competition Secretary, Hon Welfare Officer, Hon Development Officer, County Coach, Greens Maintenance County Administrator and Hon Publicity Officer elected at the Annual Meeting, together with two representatives appointed by each club in membership of the Association, whose names and addresses shall be forwarded to the Hon Secretary.
    2. Twenty members shall form a quorum of the Council.
    3. Each member of the Warwickshire County Bowls Association shall (to the extent that such person is not entitled to recover under any policy of insurance) be entitled to be indemnified out of any and all funds available to the Warwickshire County Bowls Association, which may lawfully be so applied, against all costs, expenses and liabilities whatsoever incurred by such person in the proper execution and discharge of duties undertaken on behalf of the Warwickshire County Bowls Association or arising therefrom, or incurred in good faith in the purported discharge of such duties.
    1. At the Annual Meeting each year the Council shall elect the following Officers: President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Assistant Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Competition Secretary, Honorary Development Officer and Honorary Publicity Officer. Auditors shall also be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The President shall retire after one year and the Senior-Vice President shall become President and Junior-Vice President shall become Senior Vice-President.
    2. The retiring President shall become Immediate Past President and:
      1. In the event of a casual vacancy arising in the office of President or Senior-Vice President shall fulfill the duties of either of those officers in an acting capacity until the next annual meeting of the Council.
      2. Shall deputise for the President or Senior-Vice President whenever called upon to do so.
    3. Candidates for the office of Junior Vice-president must be members of an affiliated club and their nominations:
      1. Shall be submitted in writing by the Club of which the Candidate is a member;
      2. Shall reach the Honorary Secretary of the Association not later than the first day of October;
      3. Shall be placed on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Council.
    The election shall be by ballot and the candidate having a clear majority of votes over all other candidates shall be elected.
    All other officers shall be eligible for re-election.
    At the Annual Meeting each year the Council shall elect an Executive Committee consisting of:
    1. The Officers elected under Rule 6, with the exception of the appointed Auditor;
    2. The duly elected delegates to Bowls England who shall unless otherwise elected, be members of the Committee without power to vote;
    3. Two members from Birmingham area, two members from Coventry area, two members from Rugby area and three members from South Warwickshire area. Nominations for each area shall be made only by affiliated Clubs within that area. Nominations must be made by a Club of which the nominee is a member and be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Association so as to be received by him not later than first of October each year and placed on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting. The election shall be by ballot and all Delegates present shall be entitled to vote;
    4. The functions of the Executive Committee shall be:
      1. To meet not less than four times a year, at such times and places as it shall determine;
      2. To receive at each meeting reports from the Officers of the Association and to consider and deal with all matters of ordinary current administration;
      3. To fix all fees and charges in respect of Competitions, Matches or any other activity of the Association;
      4. To decide any questions arising from the interpretation of these Rules;
      5. To make such recommendations or nominations as it thinks fit to the Annual Meeting or to a Special Meeting of the Council;
      6. To fill casual vacancies not otherwise provided for by these Rules;
      7. To organise and administer Inter-County matches and all other representative games;
      8. To appoint a Selection Committee consisting of: President, Hon Asst Secretary, Match Secretary and one representative from each area to select teams for Inter-County matches either by invitation or from nominations submitted by Affiliated Clubs.
      9. To nominate players for International Trial or any other event for which the Association is required to make selection or nomination;
      10. To organise and administer all County Competitions;
      11. To appoint a Team Manager who shall be responsible for the selection and administration of all Middleton Cup, Midland Counties and Balcomb Trophy Championship matches and have executive power to appoint his own assistants if required. To appoint a Junior Team Manager who shall be responsible for the selection and administration of matches involving the Junior squad.
      12. To submit a report of its proceedings to the Annual Meeting of the Council.
      13. To appoint such other Sub-Committees as is deemed necessary and to prescribe such terms of reference as the Committee shall determine.

      Seven members shall form a quorum of the Executive Committee.
    Members of Affiliated Clubs may form themselves into an Honorary Vice Presidents Bowls Association with their own Constitution and Rules. For administration purposes the Honorary Vice Presidents Bowls Association will be covered by Rule 3 (h) Associate Menbership.
    The Annual Meeting of the Council shall be held on the Saturday of the Standard Week No 46, or at such time as the Executive may decide.
    Not less than fourteen day's notice of the meeting shall be given to each member of the Council.
    Notices of motion for consideration by the Annual Meeting must be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Association so as to reach him by the first day of October.
    A Special Meeting of the Council shall be called;
    1. In pursuance of a resolution passed by the Executive Committee;
    2. At any time within 21 days of the receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition in writing signed by the office bearers of an affiliated Club stating fully the reason for such a meeting.
      Not less than seven days notice of the meeting shall be given to each member of the Council and the notice shall state the purpose for which the meeting has been summoned.
    Members of affiliated Clubs may attend the Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting and take part in the discussion or debate, but only those members appointed as Club delegates to the Council under Rule 5(a) shall be entitled to vote.
    The Honorary Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at Council and Committee meetings and carry out all other secretarial duties in accordance with the decisions of the Council and its Committees.
    The Honorary Treasurer shall keep and render to the Annual Meeting a precise account of the income and expenditure for the past year, duly audited by the Honorary Auditor. He shall act in accordance with the decisions and directions of the Council and its Committees and shall report the state of the Association's finances to each meeting of the Executive Committee. Copies of the Audited Statement of Accounts shall be sent to members of the Council together with the Notice of the Annual Meeting.
    Should any Affiliated Club, Association or Member of such Affiliated Club or Association be accused of any misconduct as currently defined by Bowls England in their Rules and should it be deemed necessary to warrant disciplinary action, then the procedure to be followed will be in accordance with that recommended by Bowls England.
    Any action in respect of Suspension or Expulsion, Appeals and Disputes Resolution will be in accordance with the current Bowls England Rules or any subsequent rules or amendments.
    1. It shall be competent to the Executive Committee after due investigation of the facts, and, if need be, the examination of witnesses and relevant documentary evidence, to suspend or determine the membership of any Club. But such Club shall have a right of appeal to the Council provided that the appeal, signed by the office bearers and stating the grounds on which it is made, is lodged with the Honorary Secretary of the Association within 21 days of the decision of the Executive Committee.
    2. A Club may resign from membership by giving notice to the Honorary Secretary of the Association on or before the first day of October in any year. Immediately the resignation takes effect the Club shall cease to have any claim on, or interest in, the funds or any other assets of the Association and thereafter be in the same position as if the Club had never been a member of the Association.
    1. Any person may participate in any event for reward in cash or kind. To maintain amateur status the recipient of such rewards may deduct his expenses as defined by the Rules of Bowls England but remit the balance to the governing body concerned.
    2. Conditions of Games
      1. All events where the total reward in cash or kind is distributed to competitors must be licensed by Bowls England. Any player taking part in any unlicensed event shall be suspended from taking part in all bowls organised by or under the auspices of Bowls England.
      2. The license fee for all events shall be in accordance with the official scale approved by Bowls England.
      3. The organisers of all events must apply to Bowls England for a license at least 90 days before the commencement of such an aevent.
        Such application must state:
        1. The dates of the event;
        2. The form, which it is to take (Singles, Pairs, etc);
        3. The location of the events;
        4. Whether it is Open, Invitation, or Open with Invites;
        5. Thether attendance money and/or expenses are being paid to invites and in the case of attendance money, how much;
        6. The value of the rewards and whether in cash or kind;
        7. Details of any financial support in cash or kind promised to the organisers;
        8. Details of the expected expenses of running the events;
    3. The organisers will undertake that upon completion of the events, the Secretary of Bowls England will be notified within three months by or on behalf of the organising body or promoter, the total rewards and expenses paid and to whom.
    1. Entries for the competitions listed in the County Competition Regulations shall close on 31st December in year preceding the competitions and shall be made on the official Entry Form and accompanied by the Entry Fees prescribed by the Executive Committee.
    2. The number of competitors from each area entering the last 16 of a competition shall be on the basis of the ratios of original entrants in that competition where the Semi-quarter Finals round to be played at the green of the entrant drawn first and Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals shall be played on greens chosen by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the appointment of Umpires.
    3. In all other respects the Competitions shall be administered and played in accordance with the County Competition Regulations prescribed by the Executive Committee and published in the Association's official Year Book.
    These Competitions shall be open to all members of the Clubs affiliated to the Association. The player shall not have attained his 25th Birthday on the 1st April in the year of the competition.
    A Year Book will be produced and made available for purchase, on line, by Clubs and individual members, There is no minimum order quantity. A PDF version will also be made available for free download.
    The administrative and financial year of the Association shall end on 30th September each year.
    These rules shall not be altered or rescinded except with the consent of at least two-thirds of the members of the Council present and voting at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting convened under Rule 10 and the notice convening the meeting shall set forth the terms of the proposed alterations.

It is the policy of the Warwickshire County Bowls Association to protect the rights and privileges of those bowlers who through age or disability may be abused or maltreated. It is the intention to appoint an Officer or Delegate to oversee this matter.


24 Jul 18:15 - 20:15
Singles QF
25 Jul 14:00 - 18:00
WCBA v Hereford (A)
26 Jul 18:15 - 20:15
Wardrop Cup R2
28 Jul
Semi Finals 3